Spicy Cranberry Paradise Pepper Sauce™


Net Wt. 10.5oz (297g)

Spicy Cranberry Paradise Pepper Sauce™ by BrannenGourmet. A delightful medley of California bell peppers, loaded with plump fresh cranberries, Blenheim apricots and just a dash more habañero than our Original variety. This sauce is certainly not just for holidays! Spread over scones, pour over cream cheese or melt as a finishing glaze to perfectly compliment turkey, pork, wild game and your favorite vegetables year-round. Enjoy each Paradise Pepper Sauce variety–Original, Spicy Cranberry, Sweet Habañero and Angry CranCot–they truly are the closest thing to heaven in a jar. Gluten- Free

See the serving suggestions below or view our mouth watering recipes to see how other people are enjoying Paradise Pepper Sauces™.

Nutrition Information


Serving Suggestions

Great on Meat:

  • Excellent on grilled turkey or chicken sandwiches.
  • Basted over a pork loin, cornish game hens and pheasant.

Every Meal Need Zest:

  • Heated as a dressing over spinach salad.
  • Tossed with steamed or grilled vegetables.

Dessert Too:

  • A wonderful topping over cheese cake or a filling for your next batch of thumbprint cookies.

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